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Als hobby een passie wordt...
When hobby becomes a passion...
For all the books on this website

You can pay:
# 1  Via PayPal, email me and I send you a money  request if you cannot find the correct button, for English books see paypal buttons on www.chickencolours.com

# 2  By bank:
Send me an email and I give you iban and bic numbers (Europe only).
I don’t accept bank payments from outside Europe due to extra costs unless you pay the costs which are 10 euro for transfer at my end.

Euro payments from UK bank, additional costs of 10 euros should be added to the total amount of the books.

Wester Union payments are not accepted since they want a passport for identification and not a drivers license. It is advised strongly against giving a passport for identification because of identity fraude.

For comfort and safety reasons I prefer direct contact via email (info at chickencolours dot com or info at tuinvee dot nl).

Thank you for reading.